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Blogs in EL Gazette

Posted by Tom Roper on March 12, 2007

The latest issue of EL Gazette contains a piece on blogs, which discusses, among other things, the controversial Sandy’s UK TEFL blog, strapline: “Dishing the dirt on Britain’s tacky TEFL trade…”,, where an EFL teacher uses a blog to give feedback to students, An ELTNotebook, Blog-EFL, Eric Baber’s blog, TEFLlogue and a meta blog using SuprGlu that brings together feeds from a number of EFL blogs, though the URL quoted in the article gives an incorrect hyphen.

The article is not available on EL Gazette’s website and an attempt to use the search button returns a message saying “ELGazette Search Engine is Coming soon“…a curious use of upper case.


3 Responses to “Blogs in EL Gazette”

  1. Thanks for blogging about this article – curiously, I haven’t received my copy of the EL Gazette yet, so hadn’t realised it was out until I read this! Pete

  2. Tom Roper said

    Thanks Pete. Nice to know I’m ahead of the game. Our copy came on Tuesday.

  3. Stumbled across the posting about the EL Gazette editorial on Sandy McManus’ Tefltrade blog. While it’s not on EL Gazette yet, it’s on my own blog at
    Sandy’s blog seems to be back from the dead, and the new version of is linked from my blog entry.

    Matt Salusbury
    News and Features Editor
    EL Gazette

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