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Language Learning no Luxury

Posted by Tom Roper on April 24, 2007

The British Academy is holding a discussion on 14 May, to be followed by a drinks reception , on language learning  after the Dearing review, with Professor Dick Hudson, FBA, University College London, Professor Mike Kelly, University of Southampton and Professor Haun Saussy, Yale University, with Professor Marian Hobson, FBA, Queen Mary, University of London, in the Chair.

From the poster:

“Both from the point of view of business and of scholarship, the decline in language learning at school, and of the take-up of A levels in languages, is disastrous. It is likely to have consequences that are with us for years. The implementation of the Dearing report may help matters somewhat, but the basic problem is likely not to dissipate quickly.
The discussion will cover:
• the relation of language-learning to other parts of the syllabus in schools and universities
• the role of languages in life-long learning
• the experience of other countries in creating policy for language learning
• the relation of language learning to understanding linguistic relativity”


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