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Future of languages: petition

Posted by Tom Roper on January 14, 2008

Following the closure of their MA in Translation and Interpreting, members of the languages department at the University of Bradford have started a petition calling for the government to address the current crisis in language learning in the UK, and make a foreign language compulsory again at GCSE level. Although it is too late for
Bradford, it might help other language departments across the country.
Please find the petition at the following link:


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Mary Beard on GCSE results

Posted by Tom Roper on August 24, 2007

GCSE results were out yesterday, and A levels the week before, and Mary Beard comments on the former and on the future of language learning in schools in her excellent Don’s Diary, Sprechen Sie what?

As well as the examination results, GCSEs here (pdf), A levels here (pdf), CILT, the National Centre for Languages, have some useful analysis of trends in modern languages at university level:

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